Content Marketing - the Ying to the Advertising Yang


Content Marketing – The Ying to the Advertising Yang

Content Marketing Tactics Explained

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We introduced you to the practice of content marketing and are now offering a few examples of the tools to this trade. As a refresher, content marketing is any content that’s custom created and shared on a regular basis, using one or multiple channels, to promote the success of a campaign, business or individual. This information has independent value separate from the respective product, services and/or campaign.
You may be asking yourself, “Why not take every opportunity to promote and sell, sell, sell?!”
Offering relevant information to target audiences that’s not directly sales oriented humanizes the relationship between you and your publics to foster a positive relationship. Your audiences should think of you as a valuable resource about your respective field—not as a pushy used-cars salesman.

Content marketing is a complement to paid marketing efforts—The ying to advertising’s yang.

So, how can marketers accomplish this relationship? Here are some tactics for content marketing execution:
• Sponsor a webinar about information that benefits your consumers
• Create an infographic about an industry/topic trend
• Tweet or post interesting statistics
• Share images at Instagram related to your field
Whatever content you curate and share, it should provide value in some way.John Deere logo - Content Marketing
John Deere is the pioneer of providing valuable content marketing and has demonstrated its understanding of content marketing since 1895:
• “The Furrow”: The company debuted its magazine catered to members of America’s farm community, educating readers about technology changes
YouTube: John Deere regularly adds videos with farming-practices tips and about the latest machinery and technology
Twitter: It tweets daily about anything from tradeshow appearances and seminars, to answering direct questions from its followers
• Support sites: John Deere Kids is a website with games and activities to teach children about agriculture
Tours/Attractions: The company hosts tours of some of its factories and of it headquarters
Can you implement any of our suggested tactics? Have your own ideas? Share ‘em!