An MJ2 Marketing Intern Will Soon Begin Her Career


An MJ2 Marketing Intern Will Soon Begin Her Career, And It All Started at MJ2

It is not often that you get to see someone’s career grow right in front of you, all the while that person is also “growing up”.  One of our favorite interns, and I believe “first” interns with MJ2 has blossomed into a beautiful young lady, and ready to take the working world by storm. MJ2 Marketing Megan James and Kati Keenan
Kati Keenan joined us back in our infancy in 2008.  Kati came onto the scene with a wealth of technical expertise, and basically helped us to do everything from video shoots, scripting and production, and blog writing.  She later moved onto a specific account, and helped with outreach and all sorts of marketing odds and ends.  Kati was VERY hard working, and not afraid to really dig in and learn new things.  She was always adding value, and brought innovative technical ideas to many of our accounts.
Why do we think Kati was so successful at MJ2? The majority of our team members said this. “Kati always said yes to everything!”  She worked hard, and was willing to pay her dues to earn marketing experience. She was also a pleasure to be around!
So, here’s to Kati and her new job when she graduates this spring! (Yep- offer is signed, sealed and relocation to Cleveland included!) We know she will be a smashing success!