December is Read A New Book Month | MJ2 Marketing


December is Read A New Book Month

MJ2 Celebrates Read A New Book Month

From  Schott’s Quintessential Miscellany here are “Nine Rules for Reading”:
1. Don’t try to read everything.
2. Read two books on the same subject, one solid and one for pleasure.
3. Don’t read a book for the sake of saying you have read it.
4. Review what you have read.
5. Read with a pencil in hand.
6. Use your blank book.
7. Condense what you copy.
8. Read less and try to remember more.
9. Read regularly.

Just in time for the gift-giving season! December is Read a New Book Month and we decided to ask our MJ2 team what books they recently read that they would recommend.
Megan James
My book is a National Bestseller- recommended to me by our most physically fit client, Mike Scott.
The book is Born to Run by Christopher McDougall.
Mike thought I would read it because of the title and me thinking it was about Bruce Springsteen! Instead, this adventure/fitness inspired book about running takes you back to the Tarahumara Indians, and their honed ability to run hundreds of miles without rest or injury. The answers are well within the book. It is a great reminder for those of who “love to run”, and will force you to consider new equipment if you aspire to be a distance runner.
Well worth the read if you are a runner, and well, I DO love the title!
Marissa Minichello – Intern
Divergent by Veronica Roth. A dystopian society with a captivating love story, Divergent will not disappoint. I argue it is better than The Hunger Games. It is a guaranteed good read. Once you open it, you will not put it down. Expect a movie soon.
Mark Riggs – Business Manager
One of my favorites is Swan Song – Robert McCammon. A vision of a post-Apocalyptic nation, a grand epic of terror and, ultimately, renewal.
Andrew Bash – Intern
Life of Pi A very interesting story that brings up lots of things to think about. It’s a fun read but also very intelligent with a twist that’ll make your second read completely different. With the movie getting great reviews, why not read the book that its based on!
Coming up on Friday December 14, the remaining MJ2 team provides their selections. Make a 2013 resolution to start reading! Check out the offerings at the Columbus Public Library.