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Getting The Most From Linkedin

Several days ago the MJ2 team visited our good friends at Fathom to take part in a LinkedIn seminar. As LinkedIn becomes more relevant in the business to business sphere it is important to understand the intricacies of their platform. Fathom is a respected member of the community and it was an honor to learn from their professional team.
As we explored the LinkedIn platform it was interesting to see the various takes on SEO within the community. With the growing user base, being found in search results is of utmost importance. LinkedIn’s search algorithm has not been made public, but it is clear that keywords in the “About” section are weighted very highly. Knowing this, it is important not to turn away a visitor with copy that is full of keywords, but has little to no content.
Pages vs Groups
As a professional, both LinkedIn pages, and groups can be very useful tools within the community, though the two function very differently.
A page is your business’ portal to the community. It’s uses include:
● Syndication of content from your company blog or outside sources. These tend to be most effective in the early morning, or around lunch time.
● Advertising your business to potential clients using the “Products and Services” section.
● Attracting new hires to your team via the “Careers” section.
A group, on the other hand, is simply a community of users, focused on a single topic. Potential uses of a group include:
● Engaging your community with relevant questions and discussion.
● Learning about your users in a friendly forum environment.
● Organizing your employees for various events using subgroups.
Because of LinkedIn’s professional client base, targeted advertising can be very effective. Whether you are looking for new clients, or trying to fill an empty position at your company, the right ad campaign can be crucial to your success. Our friends at Fathom are very experienced running targeted ad campaigns, and we definitely learned a lot from their team. The most important things to know are LinkedIn’s .02 click through rate requirement, the $10/day minimum, and the ability to run varying versions of an ad in one campaign.
Thanks to Fathom for teaching more about the LinkedIn platform! MJ2 is confident that LinkedIn will be a very important part of the business to business sphere moving into 2013, and as such we are dedicated to providing the best services we can offer.