Ohio Interactive Awards - Round 2 | MJ2 Marketing


Ohio Interactive Awards – Round 2

The Ohio Interactive Awards were last night, highlighting some of the local, grassroots talent of central Ohio Interactive Agencies.  Our team attended the event for our second year, and MJ2 was awarded Best Social Media campaign for our work on the Fire-Dex account.  Who would have thought that talking to firefighters all day would yield us an award?  Heck, taken straight from our “all-female” team…”Talking to those guys is just…fun!”

The MJ2 team was excited for our opportunity to be considered for the award, as a social project of this nature involves marketing strategy, content strategy, client/relationship management, design, Facebook applications development, and community management.

 MJ2 Marketing was first tasked in 2010 to find the firefighter end-user through social channels. Through a blog, Facebook marketing and other social channels, the community grew to an active network of 3,000 firefighters in the first several months.

Over the past year, rapid growth is attributed to great content management by MJ2’s Lisa Moore , and amazing creative design by MJ2’s Ashley Fithen.  The Fire-Dex community now includes over 15,000 firefighters, and key stakeholders that have attributed to the rapid growth of the Fire-Dex brand. Sales are up, social is buzzing, and MJ2 Marketing is proud to be a part of it all.

Thanks to Ohio Interactive for the special recognition and thanks to Fire-Dex for entrusting your brand to us!

Pictured above are Abby Lehman, Marketing Coordinator for Fire-Dex, Lisa Moore, MJ2 Community Manager, and Megan James, MJ2.