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Social Marketing: Combining solid brand campaigns with customer feedback- it works!

Our team combined with the Fire-Dex Marketing Department in Medina, Ohio, have built a supportive, active social community by using Facebook and the Fire-Dex blog.  This Facebook page growth over the past 18 months went from 273 fans when we assumed the account in January of 2011 to its current count of 12,488 and growing.  Over the past several months, we had been experimenting with Facebook and blog questions to gather feedback from the firefighters.  We knew we had their attention and their support to help Fire-Dex manufacture the safest, most comfortable turnout gear.  Our initial goal of building the brand page has shifted focus to utilizing these portals for solid, intuitive feedback from the end user.
Enter sharp idea #1: Let’s use the 2012 Olympics to begin a branded campaign of our own, called the Fire-Dex Olympics, complete with contests, giveaways and “huge” prizes.
Enter sharp idea #2: Utilize the current email portal and build an in-depth survey to be sent to active duty firefighters.
Enter sharp idea #3: Marry the two together to gain coverage, interest and RESULTS!
And results we have received! The original goal was to have feedback on the survey from at least 1,000 firefighters.  To date, with 10 more days of the campaign, Fire-Dex has received 1,085 responses with 859 linking from Facebook.
Critical success factors? There are many! Here are a few tips that might help you with integrating your social with gaining qualitative customer feedback.
1)  We used a Facebook app for the Fire-Dex Olympics, which helps land in more newsfeeds via mobile and desktop.  Further, we used Promoted Posts within Facebook at optimal user times.   Our goal was to drive as many fans to interact with the page as possible with hopes that they would continue to see the Fire-Dex Facebook posts.
2)  Make sure that your email client is fully integrated into all your social channels, and you have the correct technology to marry the two for easy click through.
What integrated efforts have you used to combine a brand campaign to gain valuable customer feedback?