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Facebook: It Is All About the Images

As we have been sharing our Facebook page, we all know that Facebook loves photos. It actually makes total sense when we think about what we all like to do on Facebook…look at our friends pictures!  As brands uncover ways to interact with their users, it is quite clear that sharing of creative images is becoming very important.

Just recently, Michael Stelzner of Social Media Examiner did a pilot of crowdsourcing images on his company page. “If you want to get maximum exposure for what you share on Facebook, use images to dominate Facebook news feeds. Images grab attention.”

From MJ2’s marketing perspective, the numbers don’t lie. From the pages we manage, sharing images on Facebook will typically generate more shares, likes and comments and ultimately virality. Further, all the recent “up-and-comers” in social marketing, like Pinterest and Instagram, support this theory about marketing with images.

Other ideas to curate new image content would be to utilize Someecards and Meme Generator to create images to share on Facebook.

What do you think? Do you like the future direction of images within your social networks?