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Don't Just Tell Me! Show Me!

For your status updates on any social site, it is not enough to just tell your story. You have to show it. The visual story-telling has now become the primary means to convey information instead of text. This can be seen in the rise of Instagram and Pinterest, where visitors to these sites have risen exponentially in a short time. The opportunity to use images may make you feel like you are posting together a digital scrapbook, but looking at an image – an infographic actually – to support this argument, you can see that images help in a variety of ways.
How images affect articles and press materials:

How images affect your local search and e-commerce:

How images affect social engagment:

What this means to you (a brand or small business) is that you will have to keep things interesting. Invite others to co-create content,  offer a photo contest and share great images.
To view the full infographic visit MDG Advertising.