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Social Madness

Social Madness: Business First
Our client, Fireproof Records Center, is participating in the Business First Social Madness (#socialmadness) competition this month.  Fireproof was selected to represent local businesses in our community and compete in a social challenge against 100 of their peers.  The competition works somewhat like a March Madness bracket pitting local Columbus companies against each other based on their social media influence and growth. The contest is going on now, and we are excited to announce that Fireproof has made it to the second round (from 100 to 8 competitors).  We have our work cut out for us, as we now compete against one other company, Thoughtleaders, a national brand.
How did we make the first cut?
To prepare Fireproof for the competition and execute the first phase, the following support was provided by MJ2:

  1. Training:  Our team facilitated an onsite training/refresher course on social media basics covering Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for sales and customer service.
  2. Outreach:  We assisted Fireproof with “grassroots” marketing (they are very comfortable in this space) by helping them to pen emails to internal staff members encouraging votes, and asking the executives, sales, and customer service to reach out via email to their customer database as well.  By emailing and inviting clients, this also brought an onslaught of new leads.  #Awesome!
  3. Ad campaign/strategy:  We created a robust ad campaign for Facebook including custom graphics, targeting and ad management.  This campaign helped their Facebook presence to double during the first phase! Yes, double!

We are hopeful for the next round.
There are a few ways you can contribute to the competition to help them out.
Like Fireproof on Facebook
Follow Fireproof on Twitter!/fireproofinfo
Follow Fire proof on Linkedin
Vote for us on the Columbus Business First Social Madness Page
The results of the second round will be announced on June 25th!  Watch us, and wish us luck!