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Cheers To Dad by Megan James

I love this blog post series… tributes to our Dad’s on Father’s Day!  What better way to celebrate the week than to hold homage to our teacher, role model, sports stars, and key influencers in our lives.

Some of my favorite memories of my Dad are definitely growing up.  Dad did such a great job of keeping us safe, pushing us to succeed, and quietly reminding us “who was boss”. He was an excellent father, husband, and caretaker to our entire family, and built such a strong foundation for family that my sisters and I are passing along to our own families.  We had such a wonderful childhood because of Dad.

Dad had hobbies, and a lot of them! Pictured here were his summer nights playing the guitar, and we all would chime in. I was especially fond of “Mr. Bojangles”.  He is an avid Iowa fan, and collects just about all the Iowa memorabilia he can find, or that we can put under the tree, as a proud university graduate.  And he can still play tennis with men half his age…and usually wins!
I think the strongest asset Dad has passed down to his three daughters is the passion to work, and to work hard.  Settling in the basement after college graduation was not an option.  He preferred to listen to our interview stories, and helped us to make a clear and calculated decision about which career path was right for us.  I landed a job after college with his urging, and stayed with that same company for 15 years.  I would say that was good advice!  Now, the Olentangy Commons shenanigans might still be left untold…but it was independent living and he was okay with that!

Cheers to my Dad, Jack Burge!
“The greatest gift I ever had
Came from God; I call him Dad!”
~Author Unknown
Written by Megan James, Principal/Owner