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Shout Out!

As a business owner of a small but growing marketing firm, submitting things for Business First is always a bit of a mystery. Last year, we hit the list at 22, for Top Advertising Agencies in central Ohio. This year, we climbed up to 18. I think that is good, I guess? I am still not entirely sure the relevance of this list…as I look to the top and see Resource, SBC and Fahlgren…well-CLEARLY at the top. Is bigger necessarily better?
I guess I prefer to rate our relevance based on client happiness. Are our customers happy with our work? Do they provide unsolicited testimonials upon project completion? Do some shout it out loud through the social networks on our behalf?
Happy to say…yes they do. To all three questions above.
So, thanks Business First for the ranking, but thank you most of all to our clients. We would not be where we are today without your unending support.