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MJ2 Takes the Show on the Road

This week, MJ2 took to the road to support the social marketing efforts that we are providing to Inner Health Chiropractic (IHC). IHC has five busy locations in Columbus with over 27 staff members who noticed the recent changes in their marketing efforts, yet were not sure of the details. Sure they had done other media and event marketing – even gave out some tricky “Spine” pens, and…need we mention the “Yellow Pages”? But….Facebook? Twitter hashtags? QR Codes? Manic Massage Mondays? Event Outreach? What?
MJ2 decided to go back to a bit of the “old ways” of educating the IHC staff and scheduled brief meetings in each office to demonstrate these new social marketing channels in person.  Meeting the staff offered both (IHC and MJ2) the opportunity to put a few faces to the names, time to show IHC how their patients were engaging on the IHC Facebook page and gave them confidence in knowing that they were being properly represented with their social marketing. Yes, MJ2 has their back!
Overall the enthusiasm has been great! The IHC teams are very excited to participate on Facebook and through various outreach events. They posed for pictures, shared some stories and are anxious to participate.
Everyone at IHC is ready to make this a successful project but more important, they are ready to help people feel better with awareness about health and wellness. We call that…#feelbetter!
Did You KNOW….

  • InnerHealth Chiropractic has 5 locations in Columbus – North, German Village, West, East and Dublin.
  • Massage Therapy is an excellent choice for wellness.
  • IHC accepts most insurance plans.
  • Offers a FREE 1-hour massage weekly on Facebook.

Follow along and see how you can improve your wellness and #feelbetter.