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The New Facebook Timeline for Brands

In the words of Sheryl Crow, “A change would do you good.”
And, Facebook is at it again.  So far, we love it!
The newly released Timeline from Facebook includes some robust marketing improvements for brand pages.  We have been reading, reviewing and analyzing these changes and cannot wait to adapt our content and promotion strategies to maximize these new capabilities.  There are many ins and outs with the new timeline, and perhaps the best way to adapt is to “dive in”. To give you a quick guide, we have highlighted our three favorite changes.
Our Timeline Top Three
Cover Photo:  The new panoramic photo has potential to “wow” your new and old fans alike. (The Tiffany Facebook page image above is an example of a simple, eye-catching photo to grab your attention.)  The cover photo provides a place to show off a uniquely created image that represents your brand.  Concerned about size and dimensions? Check out this handy cheat sheet from DreamGrow.
Here are some of our other favorite cover photos posted just this week:

  1. Live Strong
  2. Red Bull
  3. Gatorade

Pinned Posts: Use the “pin to top” button to feature a post as one of the top posts on your wall. To do so, click on the upper right corner on a post you’d like to feature. Make sure you use an engaging post or an offer. Another option is to feature an ongoing campaign with a stunning visual, good copywriting and a link. Featured stories will have a lifeline of seven days which means you can only pin posts that are really recent. Think of this as a “post of the week” type of thing.
Milestones: As content marketers and brand storytellers, we are extremely excited for this feature.  You can tag posts and/or photos that are milestones for your brand. Add your company’s milestones that date back in time such as company foundation date, a new product launch etc (see Coca Cola’s example below). Additionally, write a few sentences about how your company was created or how your new product was launched.
The sizes for Facebook milestone pictures are:
Width: 843 pixels
Height: 403 pixels

This release of the timeline for Facebook pages has many more useful improvements for brands. We will continue highlighting more of these changes in the coming weeks.
In the meantime, remember those wise words from Sheryl Crow, “A change would do you good.”