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Facebook Ads, They Work!

Over the past six months, our firm has created Facebook ad campaigns around the above images.  As a result of these and other Facebook ads, our communities have grown and we have gained valuable knowledge about Facebook ads.  The successes have helped us to sharpen our Facebook ad strategies across multiple industries.
Key Factors in Developing a Facebook Ad Campaign:
  • Target Your Audience: Carefully define your audience based upon your goals of the ad.  Obviously, the goal of marketing is to sell your product or service. Then, “think outside the box”  and add targeting around the relevant interests of your group.
  • HUMOR always helps! Some of our most successful campaigns have involved humor and/or a little sarcasm.
  • Keep your copy limited. As with all areas of social marketing, less text is always better.  Lead your potential fan to click to learn more information.
  • Create multiple ads with similar images or text. This makes the next recommendation very easy.
  • BEST ADVICE:  Revise, revise, revise. Once your campaign has begun and you have several options running, you will immediately see results for some ads versus others.  Within 6-10 hours of starting the campaign, you will be able to focus on 1 or 2 ads and manage those.  Further, you can change or adapt your targeting based upon successes or timely opportunities.
Facebook ad strategy and management is an integral part of our content blueprint for our clients.  We began testing the waters in early 2011 and we now recommend and manage ad campaigns for every Facebook community we manage.