An iPad 2, a Harley Davidson and a Rain Suit | MJ2 Marketing


An iPad 2, a Harley Davidson and a Rain Suit

We’re making our lists and checking them twice.
This is the MJ2 Marketing Christmas Wish List.
Megan wants a “Rain Suit”.  She says, “No more rainy, windy, snowy lacrosse games for me!”  And, this year she will have 3 kids playing lacrosse.  She will definitely need a good rain suit.
Anna wants an iPad 2 and a trip to Hawaii.  Well…apparently she just purchased the iPad 2 and they have booked their trip to Hawaii.  So…in Anna’s words, “Done and done! Check the box.”
I (Lisa) want some Pandora beads (one can never have too many), a laptop case and books.
Anne wants a Harley Davidson and a Shark vac with steam…”whichever comes first.”  😉
Ashley wants a sparkly new watch and some good, “recommended” books.
Mark wants a pitching wedge, a golf bag, running shoes and a trip to Yosemite.
What’s on your list?
Written by Lisa Moore, Manager, Social Marketing