There’s no place like home. | MJ2 Marketing


There’s no place like home.

And, we have a new home!

As many of you know for the past two years, our client, Cramer Fundraising so graciously allowed us to share office space with them at Metro Place in Dublin. We have enjoyed working with Michelle, Mike, Dawn and others as we began this little adventure known as MJ2 Marketing. Well, this little adventure is turning into a much bigger venture and it was time to officially find a place to hang our shingle.

If you know us, you will know immediately that the new space we call home in Historic Dublin is perfectly suited for our team. Cozy, quaint, quiet and corporate…but comfortable! We have affectionately named each suite and designed every room differently to allow for easy collaboration and online access. Each room fits our team members…rock star Lisa gets her cozy couch and fancy coffeepot; quiet Ashley gets the sweetest of all “suites” to “create”, and Anna and I are just across the hallway in private offices, hopefully to get some work done! The view of the conference room is our favorite with a back deck, comfortable seating, and a perfect overlook of the houses on the river. If you are sitting out there around 5pm at the close of the day, our favorite Dublin neighbor will play a bagpipe solo just for you! Yep, this is life in Dublin. We are excited to call it, our new MJ2 home.