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Find Your Champion

At Stephanie's Champions - Ohio Union 2011

MJ2 Marketing is oftentimes asked to promote events and/or various philanthropies around town. We are picky. We have a very short list. There are several reasons behind that…so I will explain.
Rarely do you get the opportunity in your life to be touched by great people. When that happens, it leaves a mark, and you want to throw all your time and energies into helping those people…sort of as a payback. This year was no exception.
The Stefanie’s Champions event has grown into a wonderful luncheon, hosted by the Spielman family, so they can salute champions in the lives of cancer survivors. The event houses over 700 people from all over Ohio, and has grown significantly each year.
Stefanie’s Champions is a six-month planning event that includes meetings, outreach and considerable event talent from the Champions committee. This year it was held in a different venue – the new Ohio Union, a fitting backdrop for the event. It was breathtaking. As steering committee members, we saw firsthand the dedication and work that it takes to pull off such a huge event. Each year is better than the last!
The need to continue her work is great. It will take many resources, time and dollars to find a cure. Through her work with the Spielman Fund, many inroads have been made to finding a cure for cancer. We learned about many of these at the luncheon. Our dollars are working. We are getting closer each and every day to finding a cure!
We must continue this message. We must do the right thing. It is time to jump in.
What Spielman Fund events might be going on in your area? Take a look around and get involved.
We have work to do.