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Back then, there was one.

I took this picture one year ago today. I was with my daughter and she wanted a few shots for her pending Confirmation.  I really like Sarah Cea’s work, and we went up to her new studios in Delaware to grab a few pictures.

I jumped in front of this enormous jean wall and took some shots just because I thought it was cool, and needed something to fill the empty pages of my new website which Anna Young and I had just started.
Summer came…and went. We got busier.

Fall opened up with major projects for MJ2; business growth, staff growth, and many, many more clients.  A great problem to have.  But still…no new MJ2 website.

Anna started getting edgy about Christmas. Together her and I and Alex Palmo started to really get this going. We chose a WordPress platform and theme, and built it from there. We brought in Lisa Moore, and she helped us better understand our brand identity. We had a “think tank” branding session (I still refer back to the notes.) Jennifer had some fun with the graphics and also helped us grasp our true brand. We liked them both so much that they have joined “our wall”. Mark Riggs kept asking me, “When is the new site going to wrap?”  “You done yet”.  Fingers tapping.

After months of toiling, toggling, cutting/pasting, and general “hair pulling”, MJ2 is ready to roll!

I thought it was appropriate to have our entire team descend on the “jean wall”. It kind of tells our story.  From one, we have now turned the corner into a “group”.