Content + Social


An Award Winning Campaign

Since signing with MJ2, Fire-Dex’s social platforms have experienced explosive growth, going from 490 followers to over 85,000. MJ2 continues to create consistent engaging content on social media pages which drive website referral traffic and engagement. An extensive promotional calendar and user generated content have played a huge role in increasing the reach to firefighters and influencers. The company has attributed direct sales growth to our social marketing efforts and has won three prestigious industry awards.

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Face Forward

From Millennials, to Generation Z and beyond

In 2008, MJ2 created the Face Forward brand as part of an initiative with the Columbus Catholic Diocese Office of Vocations. Today, Face Forward helps the Office engage with the youth of Columbus and their parents through custom blog content, contests and promotions, infographics, videos, and more.  The number of Facebook fans grows each year by an average of 16%, and additional social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest have had a staggering increase year over year.

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The JAE Company

Telling A Storied History To A New Audience

Using “movable content” including videos, animated gifs and 360 degree photos, MJ2 more than doubled The JAE Company’s social engagement and audience. In addition, a robust social media ads campaign was run in order to directly market to JAE’s target audience.

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Top-To-Bottom Social Integration

After conducting strategic planning and blueprinting sessions, MJ2 introduced a “tiered” structure for Cutler’s social media content. This allowed Cutler Corporate Office to post relevant content and make it easier for the area offices to share. Within 18 months, website pageviews were up 103%, blog pageviews were up 209% and referral traffic to the website from social channels was up 152%.

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