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Our Leadership Team


MJ2’s management is mature, experienced and skilled at what works and what doesn’t in the digital and social media sphere. We have seen the highs and lows of the industry from the beginning, and we have found resourcefulness, consistency and knowledge through our experiences with new media.

Megan James

Megan-James-MJ2-PresidentPresident Megan James is head of the MJ2 team and works in close alignment with the leadership team of Anne Harkin and Lisa Moore.

Megan has an extensive background in sales and marketing, having earned her degree from the Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University.  She spent 15 years working with Cap Gemini Sogeti, an IT development firm where she managed $10 million in sales and managed a team of over 80 people. Her agency, MJ2 Marketing, was developed based on her own industry experiences. She constantly draws on her sales background, employing traditional sales tactics and marrying them with new media strategies, building client relationships with the same level of care as she builds her own team. The MJ2 team all subscribes to the idea that the client is always first.

“People buy from people they like,” Megan says. “I’m always trying to anticipate what the client wants or is thinking, what they’re motivated by, and then trying to find a solution that best fits their needs. Building those relationships have been the cornerstone of our success, and why over 90% of our business comes from repeat or renewal business.”

Megan integrates family, faith-filled values in everything at MJ2. “We believe in platinum levels of integrity and trust both inside and outside our company”.

Lisa Moore

Lisa-Moore-MJ2-DirectorLisa Moore is the Director and Content Strategist for MJ2. Lisa graduated from Bowling Green State University with a degree in Business Administration.She began her career working in the mortgage industry for Homestead Mortgage Company, where she started as a Loan Officer assistant. Throughout her tenure at Homestead, she eventually managed a $20 million book of business and served as the Marketing Manager for the company.

Lisa began directing and managing social media accounts and email marketing campaigns for a few local businesses, including The Top Steak House.
After connecting with MJ2 Marketing through mutual client accounts on Twitter, Lisa met with the MJ2 team in real life to share social successes and opportunities. This collaboration lead to MJ2 adding Lisa on as an Account Manager for the award-winning Fire-Dex account.

Lisa now serves as the Director of Content Strategy for MJ2, and also is the overall strategist for the agency. Not one digital strategy leaves the MJ2 organization without Lisa playing a major role in its success.

“I really get into the minutia of the accounts to make sure we’re always on brand and the work has the right persona,” Lisa says. “CEO’s often understand traditional marketing even if new media doesn’t make sense to them. MJ2 helps these clients understand how to apply traditional marketing in a digital marketing space”.

Anne Cordial-Harkin

anne-harkin-mj2Anne Cordial-Harkin is a Digital Strategist for MJ2, and also heads up the website design and development for the agency. She graduated from Ohio University and began her career in radio and television advertising sales, working for companies including Time Warner Cable, Clear Channel and QFM 96.

Anne saw the industry shift and morph into the digital space and fell for digital marketing and the way it intersects with traditional marketing strategy. Anne then began working at MJ2, where she now serves as a Digital Strategist and Account Manager for several key accounts and also heads up website development for the agency. Anne has served as the president of the Ohio chapter of American Women in Radio and Television, as well as the executive director of the Snow Foundation, a nonprofit group dedicated to raising money for research of Wolfram Syndrome.

“I can see the big picture from all angles and I can anticipate questions from a buyer or decision maker,” Anne says. “This is a fun, fast-paced way of marketing a business, but there are many similarities between how we used to do things, and what’s new and fresh. You just have to know where to look, and know what is right for your business”.

Our Team

We offer a combined team of skilled professionals/experts/enthusiasts, all with different backgrounds in this space.  Every member of our team has unique strengths that we each bring to a project in different areas—great visuals, great content, great digital skills and great marketing. The whole of our team is greater than the sum of our parts.

We love what we do!