Email Strategy + Deployment

Priority Mortgage

Increasing Internal Engagement

As part of our ongoing efforts to build participation and activity among Priority Mortgage team members, MJ2 sends monthly “Best of the Best” emails to PMC staff. These emails highlight the best of the previous 30 day’s social media content, and encourage participation and sharing.


Building and Maintaining a High Quality List

As part of our ongoing relationship with Borror, MJ2 has run regular monthly email campaigns since 2013, achieving a 77% higher open rate than the industry average. When Borror opened a new urban apartment complex, MJ2 was tasked with bringing a new audience into the email marketing fold. Through an intensive list building strategy we have been able to add over 125 new names (and counting) to their urban email list.


Highly Targeted, Event Driven Campaigns

SimpleQuE is a leading consulting, training, and auditing company in the midwest. When a new series of standards was finalized they asked MJ2 to create an email campaign to boost attendance at their training events. By way of a highly targeted list and an advanced automation strategy, we increased their email performance and provided additional signups to their events.