Meet Our Social Media Shark

Rachel Sharkey is a recent graduate of Ohio University’s E.W. Scripps School of Journalism and our newest #MJ2Storyteller. She researches, writes and publishes digital and social content as a Social Media Specialist here at MJ2 Marketing. If you’re curious how Rachel reacts when she sees a plane or which animal holds a place in her heart, keep reading and get to know her.

Rachel Sharkey Ohio University1. What is your biggest fear?
I can’t choose between paper cuts, yogurt, and the dark. They’re all equally terrifying to me.

2. What is your favorite social media platform?
Instagram; I’m a photo fanatic!

3. What motivates you to work hard?
Everything! From the work ethics of my co-workers at MJ2 Marketing to making people smile; both triumphs and tribulations can motivate me.

4. What are some random things you’re interested in?
I’m fascinated by dinosaurs, have a soft spot for sloths and love aviation. (I took this on the plane back from NYC)


5. If you came with a warning label, what would it say?
WARNING: Turns into an overly-excited 4-year-old at the first sight of a plane.

6. If you could have a super power, what would it be?
I would make anyone instantly happy by looking at them.

7. What is one skill you would like to master?
Coding. I downloaded the app Codeacademy so I could dive into the basics.

8. Are you an early bird or a night owl?
Night Owl.

9. What is something you know you do differently than most people?
I still keep a paper planner.

10. Finish the sentence: Marketing is like _____.
The weather. Every day is different and self-awareness is key – you must always be informed due to its ever-changing nature.

If you follow along MJ2 Marketing’s journey, it’s easy to see how much we value our #MJ2Storytellers. Each of them have the ability to tell their own story as well as those of others. From our Content Writer, Katherine Main’s story of Out Living It After Cancer, to our Social Marketing Specialist, Abby Rumpke’s tales of adventure, we love to craft an engaging message.

#MJ2Storytellers Celebrate the Stars & Stripes

4th of july

Our #MJ2Storytellers are one busy group of people. On any given weekend, one will be out of the state on an exciting adventure and another will be here in Columbus exploring something new. This Independence Day is definitely no exception.

“The 4th of July is my favorite holiday of the year. It’s hot, it’s summer; there are plenty of parades and the fireworks are the best! What’s better than that? This year I am happy to say I will be staying in Dublin and going to the City of Dublin parade and then to the Dublin celebration at Coffman to watch the fireworks.” – Anna Young, Director + Digital Business Development

We are always busy on Independence Day and this year is no exception. We are once again looking forward to the Upper Arlington parade, followed by the Worthington Hills parade and then multiple cookouts with family and friends. We will cap off our evening with the Upper Arlington fireworks. Always a great day spent with some of our favorite people.”Katherine Main, Content Writer

We usually split our time between our Apple Valley lake house with family and the Dublin 4th of July fireworks with friends.” Megan James, President + Digital Strategist

“We’re going big and small. We are planning to head to Huntington Park and watch Red, White & BOOM on the 3rd and then go small and local on the 4th with the Delaware City fireworks. I love fireworks and would see 3 more shows if our schedule allowed for it.” – Lisa Moore, Director + Content Strategist

“I’ll be at a birthday party for my son. He turns 21 this 4th of July!”Mark Riggs, Business Manager

We will be attending the Gavin DeGraw concert at Olentangy High School on July 4th. It’s a first time event so it should be big fun since it’s at our own high school right in our back yard.”Anne Harkin, Account Manager

“Colonial Hills has their annual 4th of July ‘Run Through the Hills’ in Worthington and my husband and I can’t wait to experience it for the first time. Hopefully we can make it to a fireworks display in the evening, too!” Ashley Allison, Graphic Designer

“I’m headed to The Columbus Crew game! The fireworks they do after the game are amazing. They launch them from each of the four corners of the stadium, so you are literally right in the middle of the show.” – Andrew Bash, Web Designer & Developer

“We will be in Duluth, Minnesota on July 4th, possibly driving back to Columbus throughout the evening and night. So we will see all sorts of fireworks along the way as we’re driving, which will be cool!”Abby Rumpke, Social Media Specialist

“I will be spending the day grilling out with my family in Zanesville, Ohio and checking out the fireworks display ‘Stars And Stripes on The River!’” – Rachel Sharkey, Social Media Specialist

The MJ2 Marketing team loves a reason to celebrate and enjoy the company of our loved ones. We hope you take the time to celebrate the freedoms we have today with those who matter most where you are… wherever that may be!

Katherine and her kids

Katherine and her kids

Shout Out To You, Dad

Our MJ2 Storytellers would like to extend a happy father’s day to the men who were our teachers, role models and sources of strength. You’ve inspired us, encouraged us, supported us and loved us.

So, shout out to you, dad, for:

“…teaching me the value of work and having strong ethics; always supporting his grandkids and being their number one sports fan; and teaching me the words to Mr. Bojangles.”
Megan James, President + Digital Strategist


Megan’s Dad, Jack

“…if he was still here, I would shout out and say I hope that you are proud of how I raised my kids…Respectful, Hard Working and a Friend to anyone who needs one… just how you raised me. Love and Miss You!”
Mark Riggs, Business Manager

Mark's Dad

Mark’s Dad

“…instilling a great work ethic and the importance of loyalty and family in me from day one. And, for making the BEST fish ever (just ask my 11 year old.)”
Lisa Moore, Director + Content Strategist

Lisa's Dad

Lisa’s Dad, Robert

“…being a consistent source of strength and compassion, as well as my very own, personal superhero. Even though I am grown up and live in a different part of the state, I know my dad will drop everything to come save me from any foe (or flat tire.)”
Katherine Main, Content Writer


Katherine’s Dad

“… always being a great father, teacher and role model. From teaching me how to build blocks at 2 years old and then handing me my college diploma, he’s certainly been a major part in who I am today. Thanks Dad!”
Abby Rumpke, Social Media Specialist


Abby’s Dad, Tim

“…being the ultimate man’s man who instilled in me a love of all moving things: airplanes, boats, four-wheelers, motorcycles, snowmobiles. You name it, we had it. He’s been gone almost 8-years and not a day goes by that I don’t think about him and miss dearly.”
Anne Harkin, Account Manager

Anne's Dad

Anne’s Dad, Charles

“…always being there…for me and anyone that needs him. Thank you for teaching me the importance of family, being early and writing everything down.”
Ashley Allison, Graphic Designer

Ashley's Dad

Ashley’s Dad, Brett

“…teaching me the right way to eat an Oreo, cheering me on at every dance recital, sending me a ‘good night’ text every night of my college career and being the same incredible man in the eyes of three-year-old Rachel as you are in the eyes of 22-year-old Rachel.”
Rachel Sharkey, Social Media Specialist

Rachel's Dad

Rachel’s Dad, Bob

“…always being there and caring for me. He has taught me so much, from finances to construction, and his kindness and work ethic has a profound impact on me every day.”
Andrew, Web Designer + Developer

Andrew's Dad

Andrew’s Dad, Jerry

“…challenging me to do my best to attain my goals.”
Anna Young, Director + Digital Business Development

Cheers to you, Dads of MJ2. We wouldn’t be the storytellers we are today without your wisdom and guidance. For all you do, this weekend’s for you!

Out Living It After Cancer

First Decents Surfing

Authored by Katherine Main, Content Curator 

There are approximately 14 million cancer survivors in the United States, and the number continues to grow. Organizations across the country have developed survivorship programs to aid in the recovery process, physically and mentally.

First Descents is a non -profit organization that provides free outdoor adventure camps for young adults fighting and surviving cancer. Based out of Denver, this organization offers surf, rock climbing and kayaking camps all over North, Central and South America.  The First Descents’ team partners with hundreds of volunteers in order to help young adult cancer patients have an incredible week “Out Living It.” As we approach World Cancer Survivor Day, here is how I personally came to fall in love with First Descents…

The Diagnosis

April 14, 2014 I was diagnosed with cancer. It came as a complete shock. I was 33 at the time, with two small children. Cancer was not something I even considered a possibility at this time in my life. I was busy building my family, my career and my future, not anticipating being smacked in the face with my own mortality. Fortunately, my cancer was discovered early and was cured with major surgery. However, my diagnosis and recovery left me searching for support that was hard to find. During my obsessive research online, I discovered First Descents. After some pushing from my husband, I signed up for my FD1 trip, which was scheduled almost one year to the day of my surgery.

The Trip

On May 16, 2015 I checked my reservations at the gate and boarded a plane to The Outer Banks in North Carolina where I would soon join 12 other young cancer survivors and fighters for a week-long surfing adventure, also known as Cancer Camp. Of course, I was nervous. Who wouldn’t be nervous to meet 12 strangers and tackle one of his or her greatest fears? (Did I mention I am terrified of the ocean?)Katherine Main First Decents

By the first night, I knew I had nothing to fear. Conversations were flowing through dinner and I discovered I was with “my people.” Every single person on this trip was experiencing the same emotions as me and we all understood each other without having to say anything. Many even shared the same fear of the ocean. By the time we finished dessert that first night we were no longer 12 strangers with the common diagnosis of cancer; we were a family.Katherine Main First Decents

We hit the waves three out of the five days we were in North Carolina. By the end of the last day, each and every one of us had succeeded in standing up on our board and riding a wave. And each time, the beach erupted with cheers. That support carried on through each evening as our conversations led to immense laughter. I personally laughed until I cried and cried until I laughed.

Katherine Main Surfing

Out Living It

We were each on our own journey. We charged each wave with a sense of determination. Along the way, we discovered a new sense of strength and support that we never knew existed. Now, we can carry the experience and emotions we felt in the water into our every day lives.

By challenging ourselves on the water, we regained a piece of the person that was lost with our diagnosis. We all discovered we are more than our disease: We are strong, we are capable and we are not alone. We are fighting this fight together. And together, we can tackle any wave that tries to knock us down.


Tag and Expose Your Brand On LinkedIn

Increasing your brand following on LinkedIn is advantageous for business focusing in the B2B space. LinkedIn growth is faster and organic when employees, sales teams and management within an organization take active steps to initiate and share the brand LinkedIn social community from personal LinkedIn profiles.

An easy way to share your company’s page on LinkedIn is to tag the company page in a post or share. It’s very simple, just begin typing the name of your company and the page will populate as an option. Of course, you have to already be following the page for it to appear.

SAMPLE copy (from an MJ2 employee):
Kudos to the @MJ2 Marketing team on their award for their work on the @Fire-Dex account. Great job, team!

And, share!

LinkedIn tagging example
Now, while you’re here, please take a moment and follow us on our MJ2 Marketing LinkedIn community. Please and thank you!

7 Ways to Explore Columbus in Spring


The vernal equinox on March 20th marks the first official day of spring. Columbus beckons during this season of renewal with a host of activities. Watch for the first signs and get ready to connect with the local community through a variety of activities.

Walk the Mile
Go for a stroll along the Scioto Mile. This riverfront walking stretch in Downtown Columbus runs from the Arena District through the Whittier Peninsular and integrates a system of parks with its urban environs.

Take it to Go
The North Market is a foodie haven. Purveyors of fresh produce, local products and gourmet options share space and provide a ready selection of distinct offerings for your next picnic. Two arenas and a concert venue are in close proximity and add some exciting entertainment options.

Get Inspired
Explore the Short North Arts District. Enjoy lively wallscape murals and art galleries in the area. Get the conversation started while visiting the Pizzuti Collection. The Pizzuti Collection hosts temporary exhibits of contemporary art, lectures and artist talks.

During the first weekend of every month, the shops stay open late here to accommodate the residents wanting to spruce up wardrobes and enjoy a cocktail while taking advantage of the milder weather.

Visit Columbus’s Newest District
4th Street is on the south end of downtown. It has the most diverse offerings with vintage video games, gourmet options and hidden gems to pop into. Some worth noting are 16 Bit Bar for a fun night of classic gaming. Little Palace Restaurant and Bar offers plenty of easy options like burgers and subs but goes further with house-cured bacon and hand-cut fries. What doesn’t get better with bacon?

Family Friendly
Indulge in America’s favorite pastime at Huntington Park, one of the premier minor league stadiums nationwide, in the Downtown Arena Area. Root for the Columbus Clippers, recent winners of the Governor’s Cup, and get your game on.

The Columbus Zoo in Central Ohio is home to 700 species and gets at least 2.3 million visitors every year. Besties Readers Choice ranked it number one best zoo in 2012.

Facebook “Like” Counts Will Drop in March


facebook likes

Now hear this! Your Facebook “Like” count may drop as Facebook begins to remove inactive or memorialized accounts from the feed and from your business pages.

Trust us! It’s a good thing. There are two benefits to removing voluntarily deactivated Facebook accounts from Pages:

  1. Business Results: Your insights will be up-to-date on the people who actively follow your pages.
  2. Data will remain consistent, as deactivated accounts are already filtered out from engagement numbers like page likes and comments.

What to expect: You will see a small dip in your page like count numbers, some more than others, depending on the number of deactivated or memorialized Facebook counts are on that page.

What can you do? Nothing. It’s a good thing!

Celebrate the Greenest, Grandest Party of the Year With MJ2 Marketing

The Bash is back! Following the famous St. Patrick’s Day Parade here in Dublin, Ohio you will find the MJ2 Marketing team celebrating on the OCLC property at the Blarney Bash. Sponsored by Dublin A.M. Rotary, the Blarney Bash 2015 will feature live bands including Richens/Timm Academy of Dance, Jacked Up, Ladies of Longford, General Guinness, Two 2 Many, Reaganomics, and Homeland.

Blarney Bash Dublin, Ohio


It’s the Greenest Time of the Year!

There is no better place to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Ohio than the greenest city in the state: Dublin. The city that maintains their Irish attitude all year long is ready to celebrate with several activities planned for the weekend. The festivities began yesterday with “Prep for St. Patrick’s Day” and the city is gearing up for the spectacular, miles-long parade on March 15th. The celebrations end on March 17th with live Irish music at Brazenhead. One thing is certain; there is plenty of fun to be had for the entire family right here in Dublin! Here is a timeline of events to help you plan your weekend!

St. Patrick's Day in Dublin, Ohio

Stefanie’s Champions Nominations Due Soon

Stefanie's Champions

Do you know someone who has provided tremendous support by serving as a caregiver for you or someone you love? Stefanie Spielman found that support from her husband, Chris Spielman, when he put his professional football career on hold to care for her when she was first treated for breast cancer in 1998. Stefanie and Chris established the Stefanie’s Champions Awards luncheon as an annual event to honor this important factor in cancer treatment, the loving and healing presence of a devoted caregiver. In fact, the first Stefanie’s Champions award was given to Chris.

Megan James’ relationship with Stefanie dates back to their Delta Gamma days at The Ohio State University. Stefanie made a significant impact on Megan’s life and she has made it her mission to help continue Stefanie’s goal of finding a cure for cancer. She does this by serving as a member of the Champions Committee , the group that organizes the luncheon each year.

The 15th Anniversary Stefanie’s Champions luncheon will take place at the Ohio Union on April 9, 2014. The time is now to submit your nomination. Click the link above to nominate your Champion. All submissions are due by January 15th.