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Case Study: The City of Dublin

The Client

The City of Dublin is home to more than 40,000 residents and was recently ranked by National Citizen Survey as the best place to live. Dublin, Ohio, USA offers residents and corporate citizens responsive government services, attractive housing, superior public education, direct regional highway access, abundant park space and a dynamic community life. The city is located just minutes from Columbus, Ohio, making it a desirable place for businesses and families. The city government emphasizes the importance of staying connected to the community and offers several resources, including an official Facebook page to provide information pertinent to the residents of the community.

The MJ2 Effect

The City of Dublin tasked MJ2 Marketing to bring awareness to the Facebook page after a recent survey noted that 73 percent of the residents were on Facebook but not aware of the City Facebook page. MJ2 Marketing increased the City’s page likes by 66 percent and drove the City’s website hits to over 4,000 visits in just 10 weeks. MJ2 Marketing took the survey results and branded a visually enhanced “I Rock Dublin” campaign, encouraging residents to share why they love living or working in the city. The campaign included uniquely designed t-shirts and the strategic promotion of a Facebook App for Dublin residents to share why they think “Dublin Rocks.” “I Rock Dublin” quickly became viral as the logo and shirts were proudly displayed throughout the city in offices, gyms and events throughout the community.