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Case Study: City of Dublin

The Client

The City of Dublin is home to more than 40,000 residents and was recently ranked by National Citizen Survey as the best place to live. Dublin, Ohio, USA offers residents and corporate citizens responsive government services, attractive housing, superior public education, direct regional highway access, abundant park space and a dynamic community life. The City was looking to grow their reach to keep their citizens informed and aware of pertinent city-related information.

The Challenge

Marketing with municipalities is challenging, knowing that all constituents are taxpayers, care about the brand, and are proud of their surroundings and city. The City of Dublin approached MJ2 Marketing in the spring of 2014 to help develop a citywide strategy in an effort to grow their personal brand through the social networks, and to integrate a content strategy that would develop quickly with robust hashtagging of #dublinishome to gain authentic content as a key component.

The MJ2 Effect

In just ten weeks, MJ2 Marketing increased the City’s page likes by 66 percent and drove the City’s website hits to over 4,000 visits. Based on the City’s strategy and mastery of the social networks as it pertains to social marketing, the City of Dublin was chosen to present to all other Columbus suburban municipalities on the success of their campaigns. This resulted in other municipalities embracing a similar strategy in the year 2015. MJ2 Marketing has continued a strategic relationship with city constituents since 2014. Our most recent holiday campaign, Open For Biz, involved the creation of a social strategy to drive holiday shoppers into the various quadrants of Dublin small businesses during the holiday shopping season.