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Case Study: Callard

The Client

When it comes to promotional marketing, The Callard Company located in New Albany, Ohio, sets the standard in their industry. When it came to marketing themselves in the digital space, they knew what they wanted to say, they just did not know how to say it or how to get their brand talking online.

The Challenge

The Callard Company offers a variety of fun, colorful and engagement-worthy marketing and promotional materials and they wanted to find the right way to promote themselves in the digital space. They had a brand and a solid message and they looked to MJ2 Marketing to make the connection with their current customer base.

“This project is all about Callard getting our word out to our customers about all the various services we provide. We knew our website was stale, and needed to be brought to more current standards. Then we knew we needed a strategy to help us get the word out.”

Michelle Guetle, The Callard Company CEO/Owner

The MJ2 Effect

We started with a website redesign and digital branding to bring the promotional marketing company into the digital channels. Through message mapping and strategic counsel, MJ2 created a plan for The Callard Company to promote their content on the digital channels of Facebook, Linkedin and Pinterest to share the latest trends and products.

MJ2 service offerings provided:

  • Strategy and counsel
  • Branded images and design
  • Custom programmed website and blog
  • Community Management
  • Blog writing
  • Custom Infographics
  • Email Marketing