Email Marketing

Transform Your Email Marketing With These 6 Tips

Email marketing allows your business the opportunity to reach customers, clients, or prospects directly. Consequently, an email can be the difference between increased business or a loss of interest and unsubscription by a potential lead. While there are many factors that should be considered when crafting an email, let’s take a look at six essential tips you need to think about to make your email marketing campaigns successful.

  1. Have Defined Goals
    What do you want your reader to do and what are you trying to accomplish? Your emails will be ineffective if you don’t start with a clear goal and purpose.
  2. Keep It Interesting
    People don’t want to read bland content about how great their products are. Spice up your content with interesting facts or tidbits that will draw in the readers. Don’t be afraid to be a little silly. Think about what you like to read and what keeps your attention. Personalize it to your audience for the best results.The subject line is really important in email marketing. Inboxes are constantly bombarded with messages and if the subject doesn’t instantly grab attention, the reader will move on and not even open the email you have worked to create. Keep it brief but try to offer value and pique interest.
  3. Create a Community Amongst Subscribers
    Think about what your audience wants to know, read or watch. Create email campaigns around their likes to gain following and allegiance to you. Create a relationship where they keep coming back, opening, reading, and clicking. Avoid language and tactics that make you seem spammy and overly pushy.
  4. Make It Visually Appealing
    Think design. Keep it short and sweet when possible. Most people don’t have time to stop and read 300 words about the history of your company. Integrate images and videos to grab attention. Use clean columns and a format that is easy to follow. Don’t forget to test that the email looks good both on desktop and mobile devices.
  5. Determine the Proper Metrics
    Depending on the content of your email and your goals, your metrics should be different. If you’re trying to increase awareness, you might want to be tracking opens and clicks. If you’re trying to sell a product or service, you’ll want to keep an eye on your conversion rate.
  6. Test
    Use A/B testing to work out any kinks and determine what works and what doesn’t. A/B testing involves determining which of two options work best in terms of engagement or clicks.  This could be anything from subject lines to images used in the email. Compare how well one subject line does compared to another to optimize your results. You never know what will make people respond.

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