Breathe Life into Your Marketing Strategy with Video

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video marketing

Would you prefer to watch a video about a product rather than read a text-only article about it? We bet the answer is “yes.” With four out of five customers answering yes to this question, companies can no longer ignore the importance of interactive video content. Implement video into your marketing strategy with ease using these MJ2 Marketing tips.

Short and Sweet

It’s safe to say that when it comes to video, concision is your friend. Avoid producing videos over two minutes in length. Shorter videos engage your audience since users tend to lose interest in videos longer than 90 seconds.

Go Pro

Mobile videos are convenient and useful for quick videos on social media. They are ideal for behind-the-scenes video and quick snapshots of information for viewers. However, when it comes to professional grade video, they lack the capability of producing high definition promotional videos. Polished, professional videos provide the user with an HD experience that cannot be compared to videos shot on mobile devices. Each have a time and place so be sure to use the correct level of professionalism when necessary.

Don’t Be Gimmicky

Some of the most successful video content barely mention the product or service being promoted. This indirect, pull-marketing creates a balance of what your brand wants to say and what interests your viewers. Take The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty, for example:

This video sends a powerful (high quality!) message to its viewers with one, very small mention of the Dove brand at the very end of the clip. The results? Over 135 million views and counting on YouTube earned the video to be named the Viral Campaign of The Year by Advertising Age.

Take your marketing strategy from a basic brand message to a memorable video experience. Not only is it overdue in our ever changing and developing industry, it’s vital to keeping your content fresh and focused. Keep in mind that Vines, Flipagrams and Instagram videos are also key outlets for video footage your brand can utilize now.

If you are still unsure about what type of video to start with, we think these three are great introductions to digital content.