MJ2 Super Bowl XLVII Hit List


MJ2 Super Bowl Hit List

Last year’s Super Bowl (XLVI) was the first ever to feature a Social Media Center. This year, there is no doubt that many more will be tweeting, posting to facebook and probably using Instagram to share the Super Bowl experience.   So many enjoy the Super Bowl and all of the activities that surround it that a petition has been submitted to declare the Monday after the Super Bowl a holiday. We will provide you with the quick Hit List of all the relevant links so that you too can be social and enjoy the game.

Watch it all – TV, online, in-demand –  on CBS.

The Super Bowl will be held in the wonderful city of New Orleans.

This game can also be called the Harbaugh Bowl. John Harbaugh is the coach of the Baltimore Ravens and Jim Harbaugh is the coach of the 49ers.

Beyonce will be singing a 12-minute set “LIVE” (really!) for the halftime show. Find out what she had to say about it. Did you know she does not get paid for her appearance.

Of course we all watch the Super Bowl for the ads and some ads are now getting a bit of the buzz prior to the actual game. The Huffington Post notes that “about half of the 30 Super Bowl advertisers are expected to have teasers this year”. Do a Google search for “Super Bowl Ads” can you can see links to videos – and yes, those are paid links.

Of course you have to check out Pinterest for all of your Super Bowl food recipes!

May the best Harbaugh team win! What’s your pick? Let us know on our MJ2 facebook page.