Hit List – Tweens Social Media


Every day, children are using technology at younger ages. According to eMarketer, about 15% of kids under the age of 11 have their own mobile phone. Technology is a part of our lives. Here are some sites where your children can be online safely.

Instagram – Photo sharing app for family and friends.

Viddy – Make a 15-second video and share it.

KidzVuz – Social media site where kids can create video reviews of food, books, movies and clothes.

Club Penguin – For the pre-tween set…a safe online experience.

FashionPlaytes.com – For girls 5-12 to design and order custom-made garments.

Playground Nation Online – A social platform for school-age children to learn how to create Internet content.

Of course there is YouTube, Facebook, Tumblr and twitter but these site require that you be 13 years old to participate. HealthyChildren.org provides some great parental tips on talking to your kids about their use of social media.