Hit List – iPad App Love


It would be safe to say that we (the gals here at MJ2 Marketing) really enjoy our iPads … however we all have various apps that we know we could not do without and really enjoy. Whether the apps are for business or for pleasure, the opportunity to be able to access it all on the iPad makes it a lot of fun and easy! This week the MJ2 Hit List highlights a few of the apps that you may want to add to your iPad.

First and foremost on the must-have app for your iPad would be the TuneIn Radio app. This app allows for the ability to listen to radio programs from all over the world! On the weekend, my iPad rocks with BBC Radio 1.

Vanity Fair on the iPad…awesome!

Catch up on the news and read some quick articles of interest on the Huffington Post app.

Flipboard rocks. Great to use to catch up on the weekend.

The Draw Something app has been a lot of fun and quite the competition has heated up between friends.

Ashley and I think the ABC player app is awesome! Shark Tank is our favorite show.

And of course, there are countless game apps that are a lot of fun!

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