Hit List – December 9, 2011


Here are your eight links that will make you smarter…or at least more informed.

Social Media

Social media campaigns are like …. bacon? Everything IS better with bacon.

“The ability to communicate¬†with people one-on-one and still be able to do so in a scalable way is extremely powerful.” says Shaq’s social media guru.

Social Media Manager or Community Manager. What’s your definition?


Great information by a blogger..yes, a blogger on facebook marketing. And also includes more links. Bottom line: have a plan or what MJ2 likes to tell our client’s, have a Content Blueprint.

Facebook is helping out Page Admin’s with video tutorials on how to understand Insights Analytics.


How many brands can you name that have the letter “K” in their name? Love this interesting bit about the letter “K”.

JCPenney to have their version of the Apple Genius Bar?


They are “spot” on with their information….Really get a LOT out of my go-to site: Hubspot.